Join Jewel Tankard on the journey to release your potential to achieve high levels of success in your personal and financial life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business executive, corporate worker or blue collar worker, the Millionairess Club is for you. The Millionairess Club provides an understanding and gives you the motivation you need to develop into the greater you. A paradigm shift in your mind will take place and you will experience an exciting and new level of fulfillment and joy. Step into your next level of success boldly and more confidently by discovering the Millionairess within.

  • You will come away with the courage to dream and the knowledge to change.
  • You will be challenged to make immediate changes in how you view and handle your finances and manage your life.
  • You will gain an awareness of where you are vs. where you want to go and become knowledgeable on how to obtain the level of success you desire.
  • You will learn new ways of thinking by identifying limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and mental blockages.
  • You will enhance your mindset by recognizing self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns standing in the way of your personal growth.
  • You will develop the emotional toughness and soundness in your thinking, without losing your femininity that will allow you to flourish.

The Millionaires Club will help you gain the confidence to go “BIG” and breakthrough what is holding you back. Break stagnation and arrive at your intention. Discover how to liberate yourself so you can accomplish your grand vision and live your dreams!

We are excited to have you join the Millionairess Club Family!


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