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gold savings








Money affects our daily lives. Who

 has a little, wants more of it. Anyone

 who already has money wants to

secure and protect it. But how? Take advantage of the secret of the wealthy. Gold has been known 2,600 years

ago-but on the whole world

recognized only in ingot form

for payment in 194 countries

around the world.









Business Accounting Package




Business Accounting Package -Prices Vary


Working on your business is just as important as working in your business.  The business side of your operations is extremely important. Failure to understand the financial position of your business can lead to business failure and/or unplanned tax liability. Accounting is an extremely important tool to help you understand your business, increase your revenue, lower your expenses and plan for your tax liability.


Let our partner, Five Star Tax & Business Solutions, create a customized accounting package to help you have greater success..




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life savings account







1) Permanent Policy (Policy does not have to be renewed,

premiums are fixed w/option to determine when you stop payments

2) Guaranteed Death Benefit (Payout to beneficiary upon death)

3) Cash Value Accumulation (Guaranteed interest is earned

on monthly premiums)

4) “Tax Free” Withdrawals (can be taken from cash value) Additional coverage added to this policy are the “LIVING BENEFIT” Riders

at NO cost to you!

5) Terminal Illness (receive up to 80% of death benefit while living).

6) Critical Illness (receive monthly income payments)

7) Chronic Illness (receive monthly income payments)

8) Nursing Home/Long Term Care Benefits (receive

monthly income payments)

9) Lifetime Income Benefit Rider *Available to issue ages 0-70

10) Up to $250,000 Death and Living Benefits w/NO Medical

Exam, Blood or Urine










Real Estate Investing







Real Estate Investing


Do you currently or have a desire to get into real estate investing? Through partnership with Jay Morrison Academy,

Jewel is connecting you with tools and resources to get real estate investing education, invest in real estate immediately

 through a crowd fund, and even learn how to get funding for your business!



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oil well investing










Take your investing to another level.

Get in on the oil and gas game!

Depending on the number of barrels

of oil produced per day determines

your cash flow. This is an

investment that you can receive

returns on as long as 30 years.










credit restoration








credit restoration


Nearly 80% of credit reports contain inaccuracies or erroneous accounts.

Your credit score is a major factor in any of your large financial investments:

credit and loan approval, interest

 rates, the amount of down payment or mortgage type on your home, your premium on you auto and homeowners insurances, your ability to lease or purchase a vehicle and now it has

even become a deciding factor in job qualification! There is no room for error,

yet 8 out of 10 people are losing

out on their hard earned money

because of these mistakes!




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